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Can you refuse an IV or Hep block during labor? I'm 23 weeks and this is my third pregnancy. I just hate the thought of being "hooked up" to anything but a fetal monitor.

Am I being too extreme with this request or is this just hospital policy?

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Feeding kids who are hooked on junk.

So my boyfriend recently went vegan, which is great, but the problem is that he has three kids...and two of which cry when you try to feed them anything remotely healthy. (They spend a lot of time with their grandma who let's them eat chips, pizza, chicken nuggets and ice cream whenever they want it, and now they think they have a right to eat whatever they feel like eating whenever they want to eat it.)

And now we've stopped buying them things like milk and chicken nuggets and all the things they're accustomed to...and I've been searching on the internet for vegan meals to make for kids, but it's all healthy stuff they wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. And I've also been trying to find articles for transition foods...you know, stuff that will ween their taste buds off the junk and on to stuff that wont give them diabetes, but I'm coming up empty.

So I was hoping that someone here might have experience with this kind of thing, or some ideas. It doesn't even have to be completely vegan as long as it's vegetarian and relatively healthy.

So far all I've been able to come up with is spaghetti, morning star chicken nuggets, and pb&j...and of course they love fruit, but I'm trying to do something about their ridiculous sugar habit before it becomes a serious health problem.

Seriously, the youngest one will scream if you even make her look at a vegetable. I don't know what to do.
 So it's that time of the year where my daughters birthday party is coming up real soon and this year we are actually throwing her a birthday party.  Now I am pretty much stumped meal plan wise, mostly because we have gone from vegetarian to vegan because of my daughters milk allergy and me being allergic to eggs.  That is why I am asking everyone to spam me with some easy vegan, non vegetarian friendly recipes that you love (I am not looking for meat sub recipes or anything that would make relatives complain)  Right now all I have planned is salad, fruit salad and pasta which you need a little more then that at a b-day party.  I already have the cake and other sweets planned as well.  (I have mastered yummy delicious no one can tell vegan cup cakes and cookies)  It's going to be an early afternoon party so I am really not too worried about people bitching about no meat and the like.  


Name: Kate
Significant Other? husband Mark
Child(ren): Daniel (9 years), Alli (6 years), Jacob (3 years)
Location: Michigan, USA
How long have you been a vegetarian or vegan: Vegetarian for about a year
Are you raising your children vegetarian? We all eat vegetarian at home. The kids will have the choice when they're older (but with the understanding that I will only cook veg so if they want something different they'll have to get it themselves). Daniel has the choice when we go out or to other people's houses, but he usually chooses vegetarian anyway. He doesn't seem to even enjoy the taste of meat anymore.
Why are you Vegetarian: Mostly for health reasons; also for financial and environmental reasons.
Favorite vegetarian dish: any kind of soup!
Favorite restaurant: Seva in Ann Arbor, Michigan (their butternut squash enchiladas are to die for!)


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Name: Raina
Significant Other? My husband C.B
Child(ren): A 20 month old an a four month old
Location: Charleston SC
How long have you been a vegetarian or vegan: About two years this time, I spend the first 15 years of my life vegan.
Are you raising your children vegetarian? I'm going to try but I'm not going to stop them from eating meat if they like it.  Which my daughter doesn't right now.
Why are you Vegetarian:  Mostly health reasons and because of some food intolerance's and I was never really a fan of meat when I was actually eating it.
Favorite vegetarian dish: Portobello mushroom burger. 
Favorite Restaurant: The Sprout in Mouth Pleasant Sc.  It's a raw food vegan cafe and pretty awesome.

Also everyone please spam me with your easy peasy favorite recipes.  I just need some new things to my boring line up. 

Vegetarian Crock Pot

Do you have any vegetarian crock pot cookbook recommendations? I got a couple of general crock pot cookbooks from the library to try, but I would like to have one in my collection that's only (or largely) vegetarian.

Thank you!



Name: T Monique
Significant Other? James married 9 years (he's veggie at home, carnivore on the streets)
Child(ren): Gabrielle 2 and Yael 5 months
Location: Gwynn Oak, Maryland
How long have you been a vegetarian or vegetarian 4 years (March 1, 2005)
Are you raising your children vegetarian? Yes, even though I have disareements with family in friends who are convinced that they will be malnurished
Why are you Vegetarian: why not? never was a real fan of meat, I dont really like chewing on flesh. I decided to try it for one month. After that month I never looked back.
Favorite vegetarian dish: malai kofta (not sure if im spelling that right), thai noodles
Favorite Restaurant: Indian Delight in Catonsville, noodle n company, pf changs


New :)

Hi everyone, new here, lovelove this community!

Name: Ashley
Significant Other? I'm single
Child(ren): 13 weeks preggo!
Location: Pensacola, FL
How long have you been a vegetarian or vegan? 10 years. (8 veg, 2 vegan)
Are you raising your child vegetarian? Yes!
Why are you Veg*n? The smell (of meat) alone grosses me out. Even as a kid I didn't like the taste or texture. It's natural, healthy, and humane.
Favorite vegetarian dish: Hummus pizza, falafel & pita with hummus, spices, cabbage and drowned in TAHINI.
Favorite Restaurant: I cook 98% of the time, but I love this local vegan cafe called End of the Line Cafe. Best 'cheez' ever!


Happy to Be Back On Track...

My pregnant leap into cheeseburger binge Hell has come to an end. I kept saying "I'll go veg again once the next baby comes..." (due in March) but I got sick of saying it and really disappointed in myself for allowing myself to eat so much cruel and unhealthy food so last week I got back in gear and am eating lacto/ovo veg again and feeling much better. I find myself getting hungry a lot more/staying full much less but that's fine, I just eat more food. I feel so much better physically AND mentally. All the meat and junk was making me feel dirty and bad. 

My son (17 months now) is still vegetarian as always and now (FINALLY) eating a ton every day and getting bigger. He's a good 32" tall and up to 22.5 pounds. Kind of a low weight for his height but he eats and eats, he's just super active so he doesn't pack on pounds though I am looking into incorporating some higher fat foods into his routine since the only thing with any fat he really gets is milk, cheese, avocado and peanut butter. Otherwise he just chows on all kinds of fresh fruits and grains all day and lately isn't willing to eat his veggies, working on it but he's at an age where I can't/shouldn't fight with him or try to force it.

My husband is no longer veggie though. He's always had a hard time not eating meat and when I started again he did too and decided he will continue. He said he'd like to stay vegetarian because he feels bad for eating meat but that but that for him he feels physically better eating it. I"m letting it be his choice and not getting on his case about it. I can't deny that for whatever reason with him he's actually gotten sick less and is tired WAY less often now than when he was veggie and taking his multivitamins. I told him he may want to get bloodwork done at the doctors to check his iron and overall vitamin levels. He probably will at some point, maybe then he'll shift back. That'd be great.

Okay okay...sorry for rambling again. Hope everyone is doing well in this new year.