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HI!! Here's my intro, can't wait to be a part of this community.

Name: Kalli
Significant Other? Jeremy, we've been married for 5 and 1/2 years, he's vegan too.
Child: Isadora (Izze), she'll be two on Halloween.
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
How long have you been a vegetarian or vegan? I've been vegan for 10 years. My husband has been vegan for 16 years. (At least, these are our best calculations...)
Are you raising your child vegetarian? Absolutely! She already has a big heart.
Why are you veg*an? Purely emotional.
Favorite vegetarian dish: Aloo Gobi... vegan cheese pizza... I'm not too fancy. I just like eating.
Favorite Restaurant: In Salt Lake, we love our local vegan greasy spoon Vertical Diner and our favorite Indian place is called Star of India... keep those in mind if you ever find yourself in Salt Lake.


Name: Jennifer
Significant Other? Husband John (also a vegetarian)
Child(ren): James, Almost 21 months old
Location: Michigan
How long have you been a vegetarian or vegan? Vegetarian for 7 years
Are you raising your child vegetarian? Yes
Why are you Veg*n? I disagree with factory farms, the harm that it causes to our environment, I don't like what is in meat (i.e. antibiotics and other chemicals), I also think a vegetarian diet is healthier for my body;
Favorite vegetarian dish: This is tough. I love anything Mexican and I also love stir fry.
Favorite Restaurant: Mongolian Barbecue for a 'mainstream' restaurant (hello tofu and tons of veggies!), Seva in Ann Arbor for a completely vegetarian restaurant.
I aske because I'm kind of curious. My son is 1 year old and has always been just fine at his doctor checkups but some family keeps telling us he looks pale and is underweight and that he doesn't eat enough. I'm really NOT that worried because he eats quite a bit and like I said, has good well visits to the doctor (he's 28" tall, 18.5 lbs and very alert and active) but I just wonder as a comparison.

Right now his day looks like this:

Breakfast: 1 banana chopped up and some Gerber cereal puffs*
Snack 1: about 1/2 a cup steamed veggie (usually squash or carrots)
 Lunch: 1/4 cup pureed beans with some more cereal puffs OR jarred grain and fruit babyfood
Snack 2: 8-10 peeled cut up grapes, cereal puffs
Dinner: 1/4 cup pureed dinner mix = lentils or black beans with rice, potato, corn, carrot, squash (varies, but bean, grain & veggie)
Snack 3 (pre-bed): baby rice cereal or oatmeal, sometimes with some pureed fruit in it
(*less excessive than it seems, a serving is 65-80 pieces so he gets a little handful here and there to munch on)

He also drinks about 24oz of formula throughout the day and 6-8oz of water.

I'm trying to think of new foods to introduce to him. Today he had mango and little cubes of cheddar cheese and liked them quite a bit. He's also recently had avocado and liked it which should be good for getting him some kind of fat. Any info/suggestions would be awesome. I just fear sometimes that maybe I really AM clueless as to his feeding and he totally needs more stuff. Thanks.

Nutritional Yeast

Ok ladies I've got this huge tub of nutritional yeast and I've found I'm not fond of it's kind of nutty cheesy taste as a cheese additive.  I might consider using it in a cheese sauce.  What are some of your favorite uses for it?

Intro Post

Name : Felicia
Significant Other? husband Keenan (not a vegetarian but supports me 100%)
Child(ren): Katey (12) Donovan (3) and one due in early April!
Location: Dallas, TX
How long have you been a vegetarian or vegan? July 1st was one year! This is my first pregnancy being veg and have a few concerns about not getting enough protein and calcium. Hopefully I can get the answers I need here!
Are you raising your child vegetarian? My 12 year old is a meat eater. My 3 year old eats meat 1-2 times a week, New baby will be vegetarian
Why are you veg*an? I took the 30 day veg pledge as a favor to a friend and it just stuck. Health and Ethical reasons. 
Favorite vegetarian dish: as of right now it is black beans, wild rice, tofutti sour cream with cheese wrapped in an oh so delicious homemade tortilla
Favorite Restaurant:  we don't really eat out a lot, it's not in our budget. but my best friend amy is the best cook and we eat with them every few weeks. so i guess you could say her house is my favorite restaurant.

Lunch Ideas

I'm looking for new ideas for lunches for my family... Since my hubby went back to work fulltime and now my DD is in daycare a couple days a week, lunches have become challenging in that we're bored with our usual options..

Here's what we normally do:
- Leftovers from previous night's supper. Not boring, but we don't always have leftovers.
- Peanut Butter or Sunflower Seed Butter sandwiches. (DD's daycare doesn't allow nuts of any kind, but she loves the sunflower stuff as much as peanut butter)
- Sandwich wraps -- usually egg salad when I think to make it; we do eat fish occasionally, so I do make tuna salad sometimes too
- For my DD, yogurt & fruit w/crackers/goldfish/etc. She tends to graze so this works pretty well especially when we're at home.

My DD would be happy to eat a sunflower seed butter sandwich for lunch everyday, but my hubby and I are looking for some new ideas. Neither one of us are big salad eaters except for a little side salad with a meal (but neither of us normally sit down to a big ol' salad for a meal). What do you mamas like to do for lunch?

Thanks for your ideas!


Name: Ashleigh
Significant Other? husband Saleem
Child(ren): Jude due August 31
Location: Quatre Bornes, Mauritius, Indian Ocean
How long have you been a vegetarian or vegan? Going strong on my 8th year!
Are you raising your child vegetarian? Absolutely!  I had a debate with my mom on this and it ended with "do you give a child beer or cigarettes just because they ask for it?...No because it's harmful...I'll make the choices until he can educate himself!"
Why are you veg*an? First it was because i was fat, then I got on the PETA bandwagon...not so militant anymore...now it's just a way of life. 
Favorite vegetarian dish: I love all things Indian...mmm curry
Favorite Restaurant:  in the states i had a mad love for Erberts and Gerberts...here I love my mother in laws cooking

I post a lot of recipes in my LJ, which is friends only, but if you want to be added lemme know and I can put you on the foodies list.  Most of it is Indian or Chinese...and dessert!

Intro :)

Name: Trish
Significant Other? the hubs, Justin (or better known as Yowie)
Child(ren): Zuriel(6) Lily(5) Grace(4) and Lucy(2)
Location: Townsville, North QLD, Australia
How long have you been a vegetarian or vegan? I am tinkering on the edge of being a vegetarian. We eat probably 1/2 to 3/4  vegetarian meals and have decided to make the full step. As of thursday we are buying a full 2 weeks worth of vegetarian groceries. YAY
Are you raising your child vegetarian?Not at the moment but we will be. If they eat meat at families houses I won't go crazy over it.
Why are you veg*an? originally it started cause we liked the taste of tofu in stir fry's that a friend used to make us allot. Then it became about the cost of groceries and cutting out meat meals and substituting meant that we could still eat and not throw our budget right out. Recently it has become more about ethical reasons.
Favorite vegetarian dish: chic pea curry and our own version of vegetarian nachos/chilli con carne
Favorite Restaurant:  ohhhh chinese, thai, indian, YUM!!!

*waves* :D

For the ladies that are pregnant and/or breastfeeding in here, what are some of your favorite quick-fix, healthy meal recipes? Im getting bored with alternating between chili, spaghetti, taco salad, etc for dinner. Im a single mom & work full time, so by the time we get home around 5:30 Im getting hungry & dont want to spend a lot of time making dinner. Usually I try to make enough for leftovers to bring to work for lunch the next day, so recipes with good sized portions are a plus! 

Do you have any favorite things you add to your meals to give it that extra nutritional boost? I try to add flaxseed to my oatmeal for breakfast, and nutritional yeast to my dinner. If you're nursing do you still take any type of supplements? I intended on continuing to take my prenatal vitamins, but have been slacking & am debating on starting back up. I trust that I can get everything I need from the vegan diet, but just want to make sure Im taking advantage of the sources I have available to eat as healthy as can be. Ive been vegan for 4 years, but pre baby I lived off of vegan junk food & beer...so being healthy wasnt exactly part of my thought process.

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Hi All!

Hi Everybody! I am Lacey and I'm a student midwife. Although I don't have any children of my own yet, my husband and I are getting our minds, bodies and home ready to start getting ready. :)

That being said, I'd like to be vegetarian. We don't eat much meat as it is (mainly chicken), but I just find myself in a rut with veggie "meat" and that kinda thing. I was thinking about doing a cleanse/detox from Whole Foods Market, but I'm not really sure if that would help. I'd like a big ole kick start on this journey and I know my husband would be grateful. He pretty much only eats meat if I cook it... and I do.

Any of you smart mamas out there have an ideas about the cleanse or a way I can just get this cave woman out of me? TIA.